Foodie blog starts here!

I have always had a passion for making different types of foodie creations, but just recently I have started paying more attention to the types of foods I put into my body.

During college, I was really big into making baked goods, especially cake and cupcake decorating.  I would buy a ton of flour, butter and sugar on a weekly basis because I was constantly trying out new recipes. I loved all of the rich-tasting foods like steak and mashed potatoes, decadent desserts and extravagant breakfast items like sweet pastries and eggs Benedict with heaps of bacon and hollandaise sauce.

I guess the turning point for me was finally realizing that what I was eating was making me feel tired, lethargic, and just overall low on energy.

(Side note: on a day-to-day basis, my schedule is a little crazy. I own a dance studio, so in the summer, I wake up, teach dance 9am-4pm and then usually teach evening classes until 9 or 10 at night. This leaves me zero time to make meals, so usually I would get stuck and end up grabbing lunch and dinner quickly at a drive thru.)

This summer I decided to make a change. We offered a series of fitness classes at the studio this August and everyone who registered got access to a weekly meal plan for ideas on prepping their food for the week. This made me accountable for my own meal choices and it made me realize how amazing I could feel when I fuelled my body with foods that made me feel energized instead of feeling the need to nap immediately after eating!

My goal for this blog is to share recipes and inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle. “Fresh Barre” comes from the meaning of a barre in dance, which is a place to maintain balance during practice.  I think we all strive to have more balance in our everyday lives, but sometimes we need a little motivation to reinforce fresh and nutritious meal choices. Check back often for meal inspiration!

Talk soon!